Owner Access for Association Files
(NOTICE: Clicking the following link takes you away from YachtClubKnolls.com)


Clicking on the above link will open a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings (see below for browser compatibility). You can return to this site by clicking the Yacht Club Knolls tab/window or closing the new tab/window. Access to Association files is obtained when you Login to the TownSq site. If you haven't done so previously, you should click the "Need to Register?" link and provide your Associa account number to complete registration.
(NOTE: You must re-register for TownSq, even if you previously registered for Associa Access)

After you Login to TownSq, open the Documents menu in the left hand column. Select Governing Documents, Meeting Documents, Owner Financials or Association Documents to find documents related to each category. Official copies of these documents may be requested from Associa Hawaii or Governing Documents may be viewed at the Yacht Club Knolls office.

Many other features will be made available through the TownSq web link (or mobile app). You can explore these new features by clicking on the various menus and links. Access to owner account information for fees and payment verification is obtained by clicking Accounts in the drop down menu (after your name) in the upper right corner after login. You may always return to this site by clicking the Yacht Club Knolls tab/window or closing the new tab/window. If you prefer, you can also access TownSq through your Apple or Android mobile device by downloading and installing the companion Sq App app.

BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: TownSq web access is currently not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
However, is expected to be compatible with Microsoft Edge as well as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


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