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Any requests for grounds maintenance or other common area repairs should be made on the Yacht Club Knolls Maintenance Request Form that is also available from the Resident Manager (blank forms are available in the box by the office door).

All forms are now fillable PDF files. The can be filled out on-line and printed or downloaded for later completion/printing at your convenience. Completed forms may be, mailed, handed to the Resident Manager or dropped into the Manager's box outside his office.
Please be sure to sign the form if required and keep a copy of any submitted forms.

To view these and other PDF files on this site you will need Adobe Reader pdf

New Owners:  Please complete and submit the Resident Registration form upon close of escrow.

  1. Resident Registration Form
    This form should be completed whenever there is a change in the number or names of a unit's residents. The form should also be updated when vehicles or pets in the unit change.

  2. Application for Home Improvement
    This form should be completed whenever an owner/resident is planning a project that could affect the exterior appearance or modify any structural component of a unit.

  3. Reservation Form for Clubhouse Area Party
    This form should be completed whenever a registered owner/resident wishes to use the clubhouse area for a personal party. A $100 deposit is required upon submission of this form of which up to $75 is refundable. Please see the House Rules, Sections 14 & 15 for further information.

  4. Temporary Guest Parking Pass (OVERNIGHT ONLY)
    This form should be used for unanticipated overnight parking of guest vehicles. For extended visits, a standard Guest Parking Pass must the obtained from and authorized by the Resident Manager.

  5. Reserved Parking Application
    This form should be used to request consideration for assignment of a Reserved Parking Stall. All reserved stalls are subject to the current terms and rental fees provided in the Reserved Parking Stall Program resolution.

Photovolteic/Solar Installation Forms

Please read the Solar Energy Device Addendum (which can be accessed as described on the Owner Access page) prior to beginning your project. Click on this HECO guidance for information on "Right Sizing" rooftop solar installations.

  • Solar Energy Device Application
    This form must be completed when an owner is planning a solar energy project so that conditional approval is obtained before any construction begins.

  • Solar Installation Conditional Approval and Certificate Of Completion
    This form is prepared and forwarded by the Association to provide conditional approval to start construction of a solar energy project. In order the register the completed solar installation, it must be signed and returned to the Association upon completion of construction.




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