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The next Association Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
The Board of Directors Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm, poolside

Meeting Preliminary Agenda

Index of Current Governing Documents

Yacht Club Knolls House Rules

The House Rules are the general principles and procedures by which our residential community lives together. Townhouse living places a large number of people in a relatively small amount of space. This means that none of us can have the same freedom we enjoyed when we lived by ourselves in a house on a large plot of ground. We must appreciate and respect the needs and rights of others living in our community. Hence, the attitude of you and your neighbors toward these rules will determine the quality of life to be realized at Yacht Club Knolls.

Compliance with our Community Rules is required of all residents, both homeowners and tenants. Non-resident owners are responsible for their tenants and for assuring they are made aware of Community Rules. Citations can and will be issued for violation of our rules. All residents are responsible for the reasonable decorum of their family members and guests. Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.

Schedule of Fines for Violations

Reserved Parking Stall Program

The other Association documents listed below are available to Yacht Club Knolls Homeowners only. Access to these documents is available by clicking the Owner Access button in the left column. Printed copies of Governing Documents may also be viewed at the Yacht Club Knolls office. Although we attempt to keep the web and office copy current, the official copy of any document may be obtained from Associa Hawaii.

Governing Documents
   Restated Declaration
     Declaration Amendment for 514B
   Restated By-Laws
   House Rules
     Priority of Payments Application
     Solar Energy Device Addendum

Meeting Minutes
   Annual Homeowners' Meetings
   Board of Directors' Meetings

Financial Documents
   Budgets, Current and Past
   Reserve Studies

The following State of Hawaii document pertaining to Homeowners Assocations is provided as general background information. The most current publications pertaining to Condominiums and related topics can be found on the State of Hawaii web site: portal.ehawaii.gov.

Condominium Property Act, 514B

Access to electronic copies of all the Yacht Club Knolls original blueprints is available upon request. Further information and an index of the plan set is available here.

The Master Policy/Homeowners Coverage page provides a comparison of property coverages provided by the Association's Master Policy and a typical Homeowners or renters policy.

The Yacht Club Knolls Newsletter is published to help keep all owners and residents informed about activities in our community. The most recent newsletter is linked to our Home page while current and past issues are available below.

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