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This page was updated on January 2, 2019


Address Change for Dues Payments
Associa has announced that effective January 1, 2019, all Yacht Club Knolls payments will be received at a remittance processing center located in Honolulu. All payments by mail and those generated by your bank's bill payment service should use the new address. The change is automatic for owners using Associa's Direct Debit service. Click Here for further details.

Updated Community Information Links
Please see the following Community Security & Safety box for an updated summary of information sources and links related to the Yacht Club Knolls community and vicinity.

Re-roofing Project underway at Building 11
Re-surfacing of the flat portion of the roof on Building 11 is planned to continue into early January; Monday through Saturday, 07:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Due to the nature of the work, inclement weather may adversely affect the planned schedule.

President's Report, Fiscal Year 2017-2018
See the current newsletter for a year-end summary of past, present and planned projects.


HNL Info Alerts

Crime Updates
Crime Map

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Outage Map
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HNL Info is Honoluluís system to keep the public informed about traffic situations, weather advisories, events happening around the island, and much more. Residents and visitors can customize their experience by creating an account and subscribing to topics of interest. Messages can be received via text, e-mail, or push notification. To receive immediate notification of new alerts, either download the free HNL Info application to your smart phone or visit the on-line web site and create an account. In addition, if you don't want to log in with a personal account,
All recent alerts can be easily viewed at the on-line website.

To help discourage thefts and vandalism, security cameras are installed on our property. There are three cameras for our entrance driveways, one for the pool and one in each parking lot. In addition, signs let any would-be thieves and vandals know we are monitoring their activities. Vehicle break-ins/thefts continue to occur in nearby neighborhoods and can occur on our property at any time.
Be sure to promptly report all incidents at YCK to the Resident Manager so that the video record can be preserved for police follow-up.
You can use the links on the left to learn about recent crime activity in our area.   

Over 50 Yacht Club Knolls neighbors are currently enrolled in Nextdoor Yacht Club Knolls. Nextdoor is a private social network with access restricted to nearby neighbors and linked to other Nextdoor sites in the surrounding community. It provides a way for neighbors to talk online and "use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods". In addition to Crime & Safety, other categories include: Classified Ads, Lost & Found, Contractor Recommendations, Community Events and General Interest items. You can customize the site to see just Yacht Club Knolls posts or also see recent postings from the surrounding area.
Please help us build a stronger community. If you're not already a member, click Nextdoor to learn more and sign up.

During a power outage, contact the Hawaiian Electric Trouble Line at 548-7961 or access the HECO Outage Map. You can find out if the outage in our area is already known and may get an estimate of when power will be back on. You can also help responders by reporting if you heard an explosion, saw arcing, or that there are downed power lines causing a hazard. All things HECO needs to know.
The HECO app is also available for smartphone download so you can get local information or send reports quickly during an outage.

Recent Community Activities

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-- Click the links below for more from our past --

Events                                            Projects

  • Our Community Management Company, Associa Hawaii, provides secure owner access for account information and Yacht Club Knolls documents. Select Owner Access in the left column for further details. Owner account preferences include on-line fee payment, notification when payments are received and the ability to opt-out of paper coupons if you use Direct Debit or your own bill-pay service (call/e-mail our Community Service Associate to do this).

  • A limited number of reserved parking spaces are available for households with more than 2 vehicles. Details are provided on our Documents page under Reserved Parking Stall Program.

  • All residents can help prevent costly sewer backups by not putting items such as diapers, wipes, kitty litter or facial tissue down the toilet. In addition, following City "FOG" guidance for disposal of oily cooking residue will reduce problems in all sewer lines. If a blockage does occur, residents should not attempt to fix external sewer backups on their own. Please immediately inform our Site Manager of any backup that could be caused by buried lines.

  • The Yacht Club Knolls Newsletter is issued periodically to keep all residents informed of community activities and concerns. The most current issue can be viewed using the Newsletter button in the left column near the top of the Home page. Previous issues of the newsletter can be found near the bottom of the Documents page. You can subscribe to receive an electronic copy of the Newsletter by e-mailing your name and building/unit number to ycknollsknews@gmail.com.

  • Residents are reminded that Cleanup After Pets is their responsibility. Animal droppings detract from the appearance and use of our common property. Failure to pick up droppings and dispose of them properly may result in a citation. In addition, please do not feed ducks, chickens or other feral animals that frequent our open areas. While we all may enjoy their visits, feeding interferes with their natural foraging behavior and can create a localized nuisance for other residents.

  • Residents can obtain basic enclosed and interior area Pest Control Services for a small fee when they are pre-scheduled around the Yacht Club Knolls general service dates (normally the second Thursday of each month). Additional information is available on the NeXgen website and service can be scheduled by calling 808-236-7378.

  • When available, the Upcoming Meeting Agenda is provided on the Yacht Club Knolls Documents page which also provides access to other useful information; including our House Rules and links to related state documents, construction drawings, insurance information and recent newsletters. Owner access is required to view other Governing Documents, Minutes and Financial documents.
  • Yacht Club Knolls Association has an In-House Trash Collection Program: Bins are processed by our maintenance crew on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Please help keep maintenance costs down by doing your best to follow these guidelines:
    1. Do not overload the trash bins. If the bin is full, please take your trash to another bin.
    2. Collapse all cardboard boxes. This helps reduce wasted space and overfilling of the bins.
    3. Heavy construction rubble or heavy bulk items will damage the bins. See the following bullet for disposal alternatives or contact our Resident Manager if you need assistance.
    4. No burning coals or hazardous materials are allowed in the bins.
    5. Reasonable amounts of yard waste may be placed in the bins at this time.

  • Large Item Disposal: Bulky items can be taken to the nearby Kapaa Transfer Facility. The city also has a Bulk Item Pickup day which, for our area, is the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Many types of Bulk Items may be placed by the Kaneohe Bay Drive curb no earlier than noon the day before our scheduled pickup day. Further details regarding this program and acceptable bulk items can be obtained from the city website.
    Please do not use the curbs by the entrance to Yacht Club Knolls as a dump site!

  • Recycling: Our maintenance crew collects HI-5 items in special bins, located in every trash collection area. Please place only HI-5 labeled containers in these bins. In addition, The City also accepts certain other recyclable materials in several of its HI-5 centers. More information can be found on their HI-5 Plus web site.

  • Maintenance Responsibilities: repair or replacement of doors and windows are the responsibility of owners. Guidance regarding acceptable designs and models is available from the Resident Manager. Doors and window frames are to be painted or selected to match approved colors. In addition, owners should be aware that maintenance and replacement costs for electric boxes, lighting/plumbing fixtures and interior surface treatments are also an owner-responsibility. A letter providing clarification regarding interior repairs is available here.



Click on arrows to view other Sunrise and Sunset photos (mostly taken by Tom Kinney)

  • Red Sky at Night, Moanalua Saddle, October 2001 Red Sky at Night, Moanalua Saddle, October 2001
  • Sunset over Pu`u Keahi a Kahoe, December 2004 Sunset over Pu`u Keahi a Kahoe, December 2004
  • Sunset over Pu`u Keahi a Kahoe, January 2008 Sunset over Pu`u Keahi a Kahoe, January 2008
  • Sunrise from Pu'u Papa`a, February 2007 Sunrise from Pu'u Papa`a, February 2007
  • Konahuanui Peak at Sunset, December 2005 Konahuanui Peak at Sunset, December 2005
  • Sunset Fans through Moanalua Saddle, January 2011 Sunset Fans through Moanalua Saddle, January 2011
Click here to view our flora.   If you have any photos you would like to add, please let us know.



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